Entrance Fees & Annual Subscription

The Entrance Fees and annual subscription rate shall be as follows:


Entrance Fee

Annual Subscription

Honorary Fellow


Waiver of annual subscription




Certified Planner



Full Member







Fellow or Full Member or

Affiliate Entrance Fees as applicable

50% of Fellow or Full Member or Affiliate Annual Subscription as applicable









50% of Fellow or Full Member or Affiliate Annual Subscription as applicable

Above 65 years & paid subscription for the last 20 years



Annual Subscription

All annual subscriptions are due on 1 January in each year in advance, and must be paid before the 31 March of that year. A 10% surcharge may be imposed on any member who has arrears for more than 3 months. Any arrears not received after six (6) months will have their membership cancelled. 

Subscription for newly admitted members shall be payable in advance as follows:

  • From 1st January to 30th June – full year’s subscription.
  • From 1st July to 31st December – ½ year’s subscription.

For members who have had their membership cancelled due to non-payment of annual subscription, please see reinstatement procedure and payment required under SIP Bye-
laws Clause 19.1.4& 19.1.5.


For additional information,please refer to the SIP Bye-laws.

Upgrade or Transfer from one class of membership to another

Any member who applies to upgrade to a higher class of membership shall pay an application fee, equivalent to entrance fee amount of new class of membership. SIP Bye-laws Clause 19.1

Every person transferred from one class of membership to another shall pay the entrance fee of the new class of membership. The transferred member will pay the

annual subscription for the new class of membership from the next year onward - SIP Bye-laws Clause 20.2

Retired Member

Any Member who is retired from practice shall pay only one-half (1/2) of the annual subscription appertaining to his class of membership – SIP Bye-laws Clause 19.2

Download application form here.

Member unable to practice

In case any member is unable from ill health, advanced age or other sufficient causes, to continue to practice the profession, or suffering financial hardship, the Council may remit his annual subscription and arrears, if any, wholly or in part, if they find good reason for so doing. – SIP Bye-laws Clause 19.3. Please inform SIP Secretariat.

Member above 65 years of age

Members above 65 years of age and who have paid annual subscriptions to the Institute for more than twenty years may be exempted from payment of annual subscriptions, subject to approval of the Council – SIP Bye-laws Clause 19.4

Overseas Member

If member is or will be residing overseas for a period of more than 12 months, he/she can apply for fee waiver (subject to approval). Overseas Member is only required to pay 50% of the usual Annual Subscription rate - SIP Bye-laws Clause 12.3

Download application form here.

Members who have made significant contributions to the Institute or have significantly enhanced the prestige of the Institute

The Council may approve the waiver of subscription payments from members who have made significant contributions to the Institute or have significantly enhanced the prestige of the Institute. – SIP Bye-laws Clause 19.5