Code of Ethics

Our Overall Responsibility to the Public
  1. We shall continuously seek to attain and maintain high standards of professional integrity, proficiency, knowledge and performance.
  2. We shall draw on our knowledge, skills and values to provide a high quality of professional service and to address community aspirations and challenges.
  3. We shall aim in all our professional activities to further the public interest in terms of health, safety, sustainability, social justice and amenity.
  4. We shall pursue design excellence and strive to conserve and preserve the sustainability and heritage of the natural and built environment.
  5. We shall aim to expand choice and opportunity for all, and especially for the disadvantaged groups in society.
  6. We shall ensure that we always take into consideration the interaction of environmental, social, cultural and economic consequences of planning actions.
  7. We shall aim to ensure that our planning work is conducted in an open manner wherever possible and that all relevant information is accurately and clearly disclosed to interested persons.
Our Responsibility to Our Clients and Employers
  1. We shall perform all professional work diligently, creatively and competently in pursuit of our client or employer's interest.
  2. We shall accept the instructions or decisions of our client or employer provided the course of action is not illegal.
  3. We shall ensure that in carrying out our professional service, we maintain objectivity and integrity and be free of conflicts of interest with any client or employer or the Institute.
  4. We shall not knowingly misrepresent facts, or fail to disclose material facts, or attempt to influence any decisions by improper means.
Our Responsibility to Our Profession and Colleagues
  1. We shall contribute to the improvement our profession through new knowledge, techniques, and solutions, and through increasing public understanding of planning and planning activities.
  2. We shall comment on the work and views of other professionals in a fair and professional manner.
  3. We shall apply planning theories, methods, research, practice and standards according to the facts and conditions of each particular situation and shall not apply a familiar solution without first establishing its appropriateness to the situation.
  4. We shall contribute to the professional development of students and young planners
Professional Conduct
  1. We shall not misstate or exaggerate our education, experience, track record, prior roles and responsibilities, awards, competence, or any other facts which are relevant to the assessment of our professional capabilities.
  2. We shall not accept assignments from a client or employer when the services to be performed involve conduct that we know to be illegal.
  3. We shall not use to our personal advantage confidential information gained in the course of professional work.
  4. We shall not misrepresent the qualifications, views and findings of other professionals.
  5. We shall not discriminate on grounds of race, gender, religion, disability or age.
  6. We shall not solicit clients by stating or implying an ability to influence decisions by improper means.
  7. We shall not personally make professional recommendations in technical areas beyond our professional competence.
  8. We shall not attempt to seek personal acclaim or professional recognition for designs and concepts that have been created by others or work that has been performed by others.
  9. We shall not attempt to seek exclusive personal acclaim or professional recognition for designs, concepts or work that has been produced by others under our supervision.
  10. We shall not direct or coerce other professionals to produce findings and recommendations that are not supported by available evidence.
  11. We shall not retaliate or threaten retaliation against anyone who has made a charge of ethical misconduct, or who is cooperating in disciplinary investigations.
  12. We shall not use the threat of making a misconduct complaint to gain an advantage in dealings with another planner.
  13. We shall not make a frivolous misconduct complaint against another planner.
  14. We shall not prejudice the reputation of the planning profession and the Singapore Institute of Planners in our professional activities.