President's Message

This 48th Annual General Meeting (AGM) marks the mid-point of service for the current council elected for the two-year term 2018-2020. I thank all members and especially the current council, immediate past president (IPP) and various Chairs and members of committees/task forces for their support in joint service of SIP.  Following are the milestones accomplished by your council in the first year of their term:

A) Strategic Level for SIP's Future Development and Growth

  • The joint Design Singapore Council (DSg) & SIP survey and study of the planning industry and members' aspirations.  The study was completed in September 2018. The findings of the study will help inthe charting of SIP's 3-year Road Map and Plan going forward.  
  • SIP held Roundtable Discussions with RTPI (UK)and APA (USA) on 7 Nov 2018 to learn from our established counterparts their respective experiences in developing their Accreditation processes and requirements and their Continuing Professional Development programmes.

B) SIP Members' Level

  • SIP's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme saw its second-year run in 2018 after its pilot run in 2017.  A total of 15 CPD programs were recognised for members to attend and earn their SIP CPD points.  SIP will continue to refine and develop its CPD programme, collaborate with external CPD providers and develop a e-learning platform in the future. 
  • SIP Level: Membership Upgrades and Examination.  The Urban Planning Foundation Course (UPFC) (2nd edition).  The two-day programme was held on 8 & 9 Nov 2018, with accompanying examination held on 1 March 2019, to offer SIP Affiliate Members the opportunity to upgrade to Full SIP Member status.  Candidates who pass the exam and have earned 30 SIP CPD points within the agreed two-year period qualify to apply for conversion to Full Member.
  • Award Winning Urban Planning and Design Projects Seminar.  The full day seminar which was held on 20 September 2018 featured the winning entries of the SIP Planning Awards held in 2017.
  • We also spent much effort to develop our new SIP Website which was launched in Nov 2018 to serve you better.

C) SIP External Relations and Collaborations

  • In the past year, SIP continued to develop its relationships with key planners from government agencies (DSg, MCI, MND, CLC, URA, HDB & JTC). 
  • SIP collaborated with the Design Singapore Council and participated in its industry meetings and was present in the various Design Cluster IA's (major events of SIA, SILA, REDAS, etc).
  • SIP held meetings with NUS MUP, NUS MAUD and JCU for possible collaboration in CPD programs, as well as, future accreditation of their graduates into SIP.
  • SIP continued to build its relationship with our counterpart planning institutes both regionally and internationally with RTPI, APA, PIA, HKIS, etc.

The council and I look forward to continue serving you, to the best of our ability, in the coming year 2019-2020 to complete our term.  May I urge you to step forward also and join us in serving SIP as well.  Together, we can achieve much more for SIP.  Looking forward to your continued support!

Yours sincerely,

Wilfred Loo, President (2018 –2020)